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Friday, May 6, 2011

Which Fruit Are You?

If you didn't already know, Qatar is a mega melting pot of cultures. Most figures I've seen quoted have expats taking up 80% of the population. Look around and you'll see people from India, Pakistan, The Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Tunisia, Egypt, France, Belgium, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon, just for starters. All different cultures mingled together in one tiny country. Amazing. So, what does all this have to do with fruit? Take one visit to the local supermarket, and you will find nearly all these same countries represented with their own fruits and vegetables. That thought came to fruition (sorry, couldn't help myself) yesterday when putting together a fruit tray for a gathering.

Lettuce by Jordan

Grapes by India

Strawberries by Tunisia

Oranges by Spain

Kiwi by New Zealand

How's that for a melting pot fruit tray? Normally, I would have pineapple from the Philippines, but I'm spoiled now and won't buy one that's not already cored and sliced and they were fresh out.

Curious about how much produce in Qatar will set you back compared to your country? Here's the lowdown on what the actual fruit above cost.

Strawberries: $2.34 small basket

Grapes: $1.81 per pound

Mandarin oranges: $0.23 each

Kiwi: $0.31 each

Leaf lettuce: $0.87 head

Entire tray: Under $7.00
Of course, you could always jack that price up heftily by purchasing available USA produce (such as the grapes), which can easily double the price. Seedless Indian grapes are fine by me. Bon Appetit!

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