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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Mini food review...

I visited Aroma at Kempinski Residences and Suites with a friend yesterday. Since I hadn't been before, I was a little extra excited being the multitasker that I am. "Double whammy, an overdue visit with a gal pal and a blog post to top it off!" Yeah well, not so much, as I was too engrossed in our rapid fire conversation to really soak in the nuances of the food before me. Mindless eating. We have been warned of such atrocities. I do however, remember liking the mozzarella smothered chicken. It was very tame with no Arabic spices screaming at me. Four years later and some of those flavors still don't jive with my buds. The carrot caraway soup was pretty good, I guess, if you like that sort bland flavor. Tomato basil would have been my ultimate choice, but it didn't happen to be an offering on the lunch set menu. For dessert, I got some kind of mascarpone cheese tart thingamabob and subbed good old standard vanilla in lieu of the Turkish coffee ice cream mentioned in the description. I was in play it safe mode. I'll give you my dad's canned answer when asked to judge the dessert. "It had sugar in it, didn't it?" Bottom line: I'll be back.

The set menu was 90QR ($25) which included a starter, entree, dessert, breads, and a coffee/tea. There were several options in each category to surely please everyone.

Food: Good
Atmosphere: Modern, quiet, cozy, not crowded
Service: Excellent
Location: Across from The W, Next to Somerset ~ Google Map
Phone: 4405 3333

I forgot to include this starter that my friend got. I'm not so sure what it is...

but, it sort of creeped me out.
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  1. Because I read your review I've been to Aroma with a friend today. It was lovely and we enjoyed ourselves a lot. Thanks, Susanne

  2. Thanks for validating my post, Susanne! Aroma really is cozy and quiet. The W has a nice set lunch menu, as well, but it is always so crowded. Didn't you love the secret mirrored door you had to walk through? Very James Bond ;)


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