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Monday, September 10, 2007

It ain't the Taj Mahal, but....

I'm posting updated pics of Kristi's school. So sorry, it's not the Taj Mahal as my husband led us to believe, but it is quite nice. Kristi's first day went well. She says there is so much more freedom at this school than at her previous one. One of their required classes is a "free period" which would have been termed study hall at Port Neches-Groves. At that school your choice was to do work or sleep...no fraternizing, listening to music. or anything remotely "unstudious". At ASD it seems that anything goes, such as listening to their Ipods, walking the halls, going to the library, or just hanging out at the seniors only coffee shop or penthouse. Some of the kids are talking about bringing their video game systems up to the school. The school lets out at 12:30pm every Tuesday and 3:00pm on the other days. Kristi will try out for the soccer team next week. They play in Egypt, Dubai, Jordan, Kuwait to name a few of the countries. Keep your fingers crossed for her. She's also joining a club called MUN...multicultural, something, something. They are planning a trip to Singapore in November. Big deal, we got to go to Port Neches park my senior year! We've run into a snag getting her to and from school. They have a new bus company that is picking up the kids for school, but of course, we didn't get signed up in time. We have only one car, which we thought wasn't going to present a problem. David carpools & I was planning on just working around him. So, thank goodness, we still have the rental car. We're not giving up on the bus yet...I have David working on that & he can be quite persistent when need be. Signing off...the heat index has dropped to 120f...time for the pool. Tootles!

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  1. Wow, Kristi, good luck on tryouts for soccer. That would be awesome to get to do all that travelling. That would be a chance of a lifetime! I have faith that you will make it!


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