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Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's a Match!

Years & years ago, David & I registered with the National Marrow Donor Program. We figured it would be a simple way to "give back", if the need ever arose. Well it has arisen. David is a match for someone in need. We are truly in shock, since the odds against him being a match were ridiculous. He was contacted by the center before the holidays that he was on the path to being a match, and they asked if he could come in to give more blood for more detailed testing. Go figure, he has been in the donor registry for at least 20 years and he's in Qatar for 7 months and gets the call. He had already gone through a couple of steps in the past because he was a potential match for someone, but didn't make it. So, we knew that he was getting closer, considering what the odds were at the start. Anyway, he explained that he was living in the Middle East but would be in for the Christmas holidays. So while in Austin, David gave the center the blood that they needed. We were very excited about all this and then found that even though this was the last test to see if he matched the patient, the odds were still only down to 200 to 1. Not the kind of odds that I bank on, so I filed it away in that part of the brain that's never to be thought of again. Well, lo & behold, he got an email yesterday with the subject line stating "You are a match!". The patient is a 28 yearl old male with leukemia. The donor center wants David to be available in San Antonio for the actual donation on March 5th, with a physical to be done prior to that. Today, he will present this to Chevron Phillips to see how they feel about it. Without a doubt, he will do this even if they're not providing the time off. He can use his vacation, if needed. Of course, there is always a kink in things. Kayla and Dustin were scheduled to come here on March 6th for springbreak. At least I hadn't actually puchased the tickets. I had discussed the flights with them for their approval and had spoken to David about purchasing them last night...right before he got the email. Time will tell how it will all play out. I'll keep y'all posted.

P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, REGINA!!!!!!!! How old are you??? Wow, I won't say cuz I'm right behind ya, sista!!!


  1. not going to lie...tears came to me. this is truly an amazing thing to do and i'm really glad dad decided to be a donor. i should go sign up soon.


  3. That will be really cool if David gets to be a donor. To be a part of helping save someone's life would be such an honor (even though, somewhat scary!).

    And thanks, Kayla!!

  4. Click on the donor link & join, people!! Don't delay. Someone is depending on you.


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