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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Beauty is Only Skin Deep

So take care of it!

I'll go out on a limb and say that Hong Kong Beauty Center would concur with that thought. I received a comment this morning on my Indulge Us post requesting a little more info on our experience at the center. (Insert Shout out to Wendi! here) The one stop spa offers massages, facials, exfoliations, threading, haircuts, hair coloring, pedicures, manicures, and more. I'll try to keep this infomercial down to a minimum since I'm not being compensated. Hmm, but I could (and would) elaborate more for a few complimentary services!

Our experience:

Ok, it's not a five star hotel spa, but neither are the prices. If you want waterfalls and piped in Enya music, hit something more along the lines of the Sharq Village and Spa. If you are looking for some down to earth treatment with maybe a Chinese Polka streaming from a boom box, then Hong Kong Beauty Center is the place for you.

Exfoliation & Massage

I had a full body exfoliation and massage that lasted not one minute short of the three hours they promised. Be warned. There is nothing gentle about the process. Mark my word, you will have scabs the next day. The "crustiness" will go away and you'll be amazed at how soft and supple your skin will feel. I thought it was just the oil that they massaged in that made my skin feel so much smoother, but shower after shower proved that it was, indeed, the scrub. Score.

Eyebrow Threading

I found the process completely painless, though my girls had a different take. They had their brows threaded prior and warned me of how excruciatingly painful it was. Bah. They are wimps. I didn't feel a thing. Of course, this was after I already had my body sandblasted, so I could have been numb. Myrna (the beautician) did a great job of contouring the brow and gave helpful hints on perfecting them with an eye pencil.

Pedis & Manis

If you're looking for the big massage chairs, look elsewhere. These are basic procedures at nearly half the cost of other salons in Doha.

The true test:

Will I go back? Heck, yeah. Though, I wouldn't opt for the extra massage added on to the exfoliation. The massage during the scrub was enough for me. I thought I was done, only to be escorted into another parlor for another one and a half hours of massaging! I think I'll try a facial next, and maybe work in some hair color on my virgin hair :-)

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  1. Wow...perfect review with all kinds of details! Loved it! Thanks so much! Looking forward to making an appointment! Thanks again!


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