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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lunch at The Lagoon

I don't know how Kayla celebrated her new found job, but David and I rang in the "one less on our payroll" moment with lunch at The Ritz. We don't usually do the hotel circuit for eating with the prices being overly ridiculous, but the delirium of the occasion overrode our sensibilities. So, the "international buffet" at The Lagoon was the choice. I knew we wouldn't be disappointed by it's open feel atmosphere overlooking the beautiful grounds of The Ritz, so I thought we'd see what culinary delectables they had to offer, cuz you know what culinary experts we are. Do TGI Friday's buffalo chicken tacos fall in that category? Well, they should. At $50 a pop for the buffet, all I could think about was, "wow, how many Quiznos boxes could I collect with that amount of money?". That didn't include the drinks, not even the H2O. For the price, the entree and veggie selection was barely adequate. I'm a color balance freak and I couldn't find any dark green veggies such as broccoli, green beans, asparagus, or spinach to color coordinate my plate. Yoohooooo, Mr. Chef, that would have been in food preparation 101. They did, however, come through in my favorite course, dessert, of course. Um ali, Arabic sweets, cheese cakes, custards were on display, and yes, I had a bit of it all with the strongest coffee I've ever had in my life. I've still got my caffeine buzz on. We stretched out our meal as long as we could and then strolled the grounds of The Ritz to get our money's worth. No celebrity sightings were in store for us, but it was enjoyable, none the less. Sorry you missed your celebratory meal, K!

The Lagoon ~ Downstairs in The Ritz Carlton

- West Bay area of Doha
Atmosphere - Lovely open feel
Service - Excellent
Food - Good (for the $$, Excellent should be in order)
Prices -
2 Buffets - 360QR ($100)
1 Large Water (25QR) ($6.86)
Coffee for 2 (30QR) ($8.24)
Grand Total for 2 = 415QR ($115.10)

Which could buy 26 of Quiznos' Premium 6 inch sandwiches
13 Buffalo Chicken Taco & Fries platters (which we share)

...but then again, who's counting?

Celebrate ~ Kool & The Gang

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  1. love it!! thanks for the scoop!! i have heard good things but now that you've given your review i've confirmed my opinion that its over priced!! congrats on your raise in salary! definitely worth celebrating!


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