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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

As the Tree Turns

Those of you that have followed me all along have grown up with this tree and know its history of butchery. This morning while still in my pj's, sipping coffee, and catching up with Kayla on the phone, David (yes, he got a midweek reprieve!) pointed to the window to indicate that the tree trimmers were outside. Poor Kayla, didn't know what hit her as I slammed the phone down screaming, "Gotta go!". I arrive outside looking wild eyed and crazy hollering, "don't cut my tree!". Of course they looked me and said, "no hablo ingles", well not really, but if they coulda, they woulda. About that time, my old gardener, Kumar spotted me from across the street and galloped over with a Mighty Mouse "here I come to save the day" smirk. After explaining to him that I didn't want my tree turned into a ball OR a cube, he smiled and nodded assuring me of his complete understanding of the situation. Feeling better I returned inside to continue my morning ritual only to take a peek and let out a huge gasp. David ran outside demanding a "cease fire" and you can see what we were left with...one oversized chia pet.

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  1. hahahaha ohhhh mother lol your tree is so lovely :)

  2. It's really quite embarrassing. What do you think the neighbors are thinking?


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