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Friday, April 9, 2010

No Fly Zone

I can be so easily humored, and my husband, well, even more. While at work yesterday, I was introduced to the most handy dandy gadget ever by Sherry. Nope, not a newfangled photoshopping trick, but a hand zapper for pesky flying insects. After one demonstration by the boss lady, I was sold. So I set out to Carrefour this afternoon to purchase one for my very own. Ok, two, one for David and one for me. Let's be totally honest here, make that eight. Christmas is around the corner. Darn, too bad they won't fit in my Quiznos boxes. Anyway, I got my first zap in a little while ago and it was exhilarating. David wanted in on the action and finally got to electrocute a few of the buggers himself. He hasn't put it down since. I pity the fool that enters his "no fly zone".

Highway to the Danger Zone ~ Kenny Loggins

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  1. Just so you know...there is not a comments link anymore...must have gotten lost in blogging copy and paste at some point. But I know my way around that :) ps. this fly zapper is hilarious and dad's face even more hilarious!!! he's such a big kid!!

  2. Kills flying insects on contact!!! Does that mean mosquitoes too? They're a flying insect. Get the patent on that and bring it to Louisiana.

  3. Do you find that it really works good? I see them on ebay. Was wondering if to order one.

  4. Kayla, dad was a crazy man last night killing all the bugs. I should have videoed it. (they get in cuz we're always leaving the patio doors open for the cat).

    Yes, it zaps mosquitoes, as well. You know when you get them cuz it makes a lovely pop, pop, pop sound as it's zapping them.

    Regina, I have one for you. You're included in the "eight" 8-)

  5. I am from the Malaria capital of Indian -- Madras aka Chennai. And every household has at least 3 of these bats. Every evening, before dinner, family members play squash with mosquitoes instead of balls... no household is complete without one of these handy things.
    so reading this made me GRIN.

  6. In Southeast Texas we have a great mosquito problem, as well, minus the malaria! I think these would sell like crazy there. I'm glad to know that at least the kids and family were entertained while zapping those pesky critters ;)


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