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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Invasion of the Caterpillars

...should be the warning sign posted on Tx 21 heading out of Bastrop. Kayla and I thought our eyes were playing tricks on us when we both spotted a tiny something scurrying across the highway on our road trip to Nacogdoches on Tuesday. I really hesitate to use the word scurry to refer to a caterpillar's gait, but that's exactly what it was doing, along with the hundreds that we saw thereafter. The thought of squishing those little creatures was unnerving for me regardless of how much I loathe fuzzy worms (or nonfuzzy for that matter). Part of me died every time we rolled over one, so I started dodging them. I had to stop that nonsense as there was a motorcyclist in front of us that was surely contemplating calling 911 about the driving impaired wacko behind him. Thank goodness the caterpillar migration finally came to a halt so that I could put my murderous ways behind me.

Of course, we had to pullover to verify what we were actually seeing!

Groovy Grubworm ~ Harlow Wilcox
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