Our five year adventure in Doha, Qatar ended June 1, 2012, but the memories will always remain. It's back to Texas where I have decided...Qatar isn't cornering the market on "quirky", as I once believed. Thanks for opening my eyes to the world, Doha!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Day & A Dollar Well Spent

Kayla whined all morning starting at 7:00am that she wanted to go out for breakfast. David took us to Ric's Kountry Kitchen, a very American diner. Do you recognize the flag above Kayla & Kristi's heads? We then did a little sight seeing along the corniche. Stopped & checked out the fish market...poo-whee! It was quite interesting, but we didn't go prepared to buy. Next time we'll have an ice chest or something to transport it in. We drove to the beach just to check it out. It was really pretty. It is a seashell goldmine. In a matter of minutes we had collected what would take us a week to find in Destin (under intense search conditions). Very few people were out due to the heat, but we did see someone in a two piece swimsuit. We weren't sure if "American" swimwear would be allowed, but I guess it's no problem. After the beach & a short rest at home, we met David's boss for lunch at Nando's at City Centre Mall. The food is great. That's Kayla with her chicken kebab...working intensely to remove the chicken from it. Robert(David's boss) was a plethora of information. He's been here for six years & knows the ins & outs. We asked him about the milk, since Kristi has had two bad experiences with it. After she immediately spit it out, I wasn't about to taste it. I did smell it...ugh! Robert was amazed. In fact he was talking about how far past the expiration date he could drink his milk. I told him we were buying the milk with "Laban" on the label. He fell apart laughing. Yes, Kristi had been drinking buttermilk. Okay, three will be a charm. On our way out of the mall, we drug David through the home store that we had gone to the other day. We got Kayla a comforter, shams & decorative pillows. We also made our first home purchase...a small dinette set for the kitchen. Our kitchen has a huge open space in the middle, with three walls of cabinets. I'm hoping this will bring it together a little. Well, after purchasing the table for QR795, we were informed that we were eligible to pick out QR79 in free merchandise. OMG, decisions, decisions. Kristi & I were running around figuring out what to get. The little guy was following us around waiting on us hand & foot. As soon as we would pick out something, he would grab it from us so that we would not have to carry it. Kristi picked out a cute frame & a framed wall hanging. We had QR10 left, but didn't want to drive this guy crazy by running him around the store anymore, so we paid for our purchases. On our way out, we saw some cute baskets w/flip lids...buy one, get one free. Hmmm, okay I can't resist. The only problem was that the 2nd basket (the free one) didn't cost as much, so now I have QR20 to make up. When they say buy one get one free, you're not leaving this store without everything coming to you! I quickly found some mug like glasses & threw them on the counter. Grand total...QR49 (see what $13.46 buys?). We're out of there. Remember the QR10 we left behind from the first purchase. We found an extra frame in our bags when we got home. The salesperson took it upon himself to run & find us something & throw it in. We hadn't even noticed. The girls really enjoyed their day, as well as myself. David's back to work tomorrow & we'll have to call a taxi. No rest for the weary!


  1. hey sybil....all i can say is the life over there must be agreeing with you. You look MAHHVELOUS!!
    You should really consider going into the writing business....your blogs are very entertaining! You really have a flair, there. Glad you are having so much fun. Looking forward to the next blog.....................

  2. Girl, it looks like you guys are getting along famously. Love the blog; keep the comments coming. They are in no way boring!

  3. That last post was from me (Fran). :-)

  4. I assume the pic of you with baskets is at your home. Please take pics of all your rooms and send to us!

  5. Your comment about the bad milk was a comfort. We had the same problem a couple of months back. Twice we bought milk and wondered why it was so thick. We checked the experation date and were suprised it hadn't passed yet. Turns out we bought Laben both times!! Ever since that we triple check that it says milk.


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