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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Extreme Makeovers

NOTE: This is a far stretch for what I would consider blogworthy. I wrote this to appease those that are really hard up for excitement in their lives. And if that is your case, bless your pea pickin' heart!

After dropping David at the airport last week, I could not wait to get back to Kyle to attack Kristi's room. Kristi has always had the luxury of having a huge bedroom. I don't how she's managed it, but her rooms thus far had been oversized to say the least. This one, however, is a bit more like the story of the little old lady who lived in a shoe. You know me, if it's a competition I'm there to compete. By the time David called me from D.C. that night, I had the furniture completely rearranged. Let me tell you, that was no small feat. Had David been here, it wouldn't have happened. He would have told me to forget it. Kristi's bed is set up on a base that's really meant to be put together and left there, but I had to move it. It just took up too much room where it was put together. I had to take her queen sized mattress off the bed to lighten it and lie flat on my back on the floor and push the bed inch by inch across the room with my legs. I had to start off with my head against the wall and my feet against the base of her bed. In time I was stretched out with my hands on the wall while pushing. If the room would have been any bigger, I couldn't have done it. I had to have the wall to push off of to get any leverage. Oh, if only you could have been a fly on the wall for that sight. Needless to say, my thighs got a good work out and I definitely felt it the next day. Next a hammer and a box of nails and I'm in business. I figured I'd hang everything possible, since it took up less storage room that way. I did save two walls in anticipation of her Doha shipment that has yet to arrive. I have no idea where all that stuff will go. I'm envisioning Goodwill, but I doubt Kristi is having that same vision. Anyway, I unpacked what I could and got it down to a big basket of things for Kristi to pilfer through and decide what stays and what goes. Those who know Kristi know that most everything will stay. Now, Kayla's room was a different story. It was just totally messy and actually had too much room. I moved in some extra furniture pieces that we had stored in our unused living room to fill in some spaces. I hung a few more things on the wall and now it's much warmer and cozier. Both of the girls were really surprised and truly appreciative of their makeovers. Now, we'll see if it will last. Any bets on that?....I didn't think so!

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  1. Good job. Looks great!! I would not have know where to start. I'm surprised I was actually able to sleep when I stayed in her room! LOL


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