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Friday, October 22, 2010

All Systems "Go"

As in
"Go and get the hell out of Dodge"
while you can, Kristi!

Our main concern regarding daughter Kristi's France departure was getting here to Paris for the flight to Doha. Qatar Airways has been getting their flights in and out of the country, but the strikes and protests have been wreaking havoc on France's rail schedules. Updates about what trains are and aren't running are posted nightly (in French) on their website. Last night, while grazing the buffet at the "Ponderosa" (what can I say, we needed a little variety in our Bennigan's, Friday's, Chili's rotation), I received an exciting text. Kristi had used her mad French skills to determine that the train ticket in her hand is actually going to be valid for her trip this afternoon. Fingers crossed. It must have been my Give it a Rest, France post a few days ago that did the trick ;)

I, in turn, used my mad English skills to determine that her Paris to Doha flight is looking good, as well. Fingers crossed.

So, barring any last minute roadblocks, it'll be rise and shine for us tomorrow morning to meet Kristi at her 5:50 AM scheduled arrival. Fingers crossed.
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  1. Hope all goes well and y'all enjoy her visit.


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