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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Do You Wanna Know a Secret?

Editor's note:
If you can't hang with me in reading all the diary entries...scroll to the last paragraph and follow the directions!

Dear Diary

October 17:

just between you and me, I have a secret to share. The reason I scheduled Regina for a three weeks visit is because I'm planning a side trip. My Kayla was so funny when she called me in the early morning of "the announcement" freaking out wondering what the heck I was doing when I scheduled her visit for that length, knowing that we would be pulling each others hair out by visit's end. Little did she know that I was scheming.

Dear Diary

October 18:

It was divine intervention today. I was roaming the travel possibilities on the Internet today, I mean, romin'....romin' that sounds like Roman, OMG, that's it. Rome! Rome is where we'll go!! Now, diary, it didn't happen exactly like that, just humor me.

Dear Diary

October 19:

Itinerary complete. Doha to Rome via Qatar Airways. Rome to Venice, then to Florence, then back to Rome via train. Hotels researched and tentatively set. Sound like a plan? I think it's doable. AYYYY! I'm so excited. Now, one more hurdle, David. Cross your fingers!

Dear Diary

October 20:

Just kidding about the hurdle thing. You know David, there
was no hurdle. Got book from my Doha friend, Kim, on Italy. Mentioned the possibility of borrowing a couple of "winter" clothing items for Regina. All systems go.

Dear Diary

October 22:

I've decided I'll tell the world my plan when Regina is safely tucked away in the air! My dear Aunt Marge's mission, if she chooses to accept, will be to call mom and remind her of last year's "Christmas from Hell" when she was in the hospital on her death bed and didn't take the time to hand out "the envelopes". Regina sure could use that missed stash for her trip. I always say everything happens for a reason. Siblings can thank me later. Hee hee!

Dear Diary

October 23:

Mom called ME. Mom never calls me...someone must have died. Good news...no one dead. She was curious if Regina and I were going to be taking any side trips after she got here. Is she on to me?? I had to spill the beans. Told her mum's the word. Did tell her about the missing envelopes...she laughed. Hmmm.

Dear Diary

October 25:

It's a done deal...I just booked the tickets....aaayyyyy! We are REALLY going to ITALY
Arriving in Rome at 6:05AM November 12th, leaving Rome 10:22PM on November 17th. Five nights and six FULL days. Probably not enough time, but we'll take what we can.

Dear Diary

October 27:

Regina called. She mentioned that maybe we could go to Dubai while she's here. Geez, I hope she's not disappointed! I found a little tidbit of info from Kim's Italy book of how to get tickets for a papal audience. I'm such a poor planner as we'll be there in only two weeks. Got David to fax request anyway.

Dear Diary,

October 29:

I got a fax from the Vatican. We're in!! Two tickets for the Pope! Don't get too excited, mom...we'll be so far away, he'll look like an ant. Wow, this is going better than expected. Gosh, knock on wood.

Dear Diary

November 3:

I did it! I made it the whole time without letting the cat out of the bag
. REGINA'S IN THE AIR AND SHE STILL KNOWS NOTHING!! Pat myself on the back. I didn't think I could really do it.

Now, Listen Up People...here's where you come in. If you are reading this, I I want you to drop Regina an email with only, "ENJOY ITALY!" in the subject line. Nothing else needed. If you are a loyal reader, a so so reader, or if you just stumbled upon this blog accidentally, I still want you to do it! You do it, get your neighbor to do it, get your buddies to do it. When she arrives and checks her email, I want her box to be overflowing with emails with the same subject message. She will wonder what the hey is going on. For further well wishes, feel free to leave comments at the end of the post. Hee Hee, I feel so evil!

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  1. Tammy Mansveld11/4/08, 2:15 AM

    Ha... This is great. Wish my sister would plan something like this! Email sent...I know yall are going to have a wonderful trip! Tell the Pope hello!

  2. You lucky ducks!!!!! Love you all!! Jana

  3. i'm so mad at you....alllll this time and you kept that from me ughh i'm bubbbbblin up inside...there better be something exciting planned for christmas!!! :) j/k i love you and ya'll will have a blast!! so jealous!!

  4. This is late... but I been traveling for work so just now saw this.... enjoy Italy!


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