Our five year adventure in Doha, Qatar ended June 1, 2012, but the memories will always remain. It's back to Texas where I have decided...Qatar isn't cornering the market on "quirky", as I once believed. Thanks for opening my eyes to the world, Doha!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Tree Report

Tree Update: If you remember a while back, I reported on the village, I mean villa people lopping off the top of our tree in the front yard. I woke up one morning to a chainsaw massacring our once beautiful tree and transforming it into a measly stump. After that, it turned into pretty much a bush. I stopped at the office one day and asked that they come trim it to make it more presentable. I received the canned response, "Of course, Madame". Easy for them to say, as we now have what is known in the pink villa circle as the "cube" tree. No doubt, we're the envy of the neighborhood. You think?

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