Our five year adventure in Doha, Qatar ended June 1, 2012, but the memories will always remain. It's back to Texas where I have decided...Qatar isn't cornering the market on "quirky", as I once believed. Thanks for opening my eyes to the world, Doha!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Greetings From Carcassonne

David and I found us a walled city in Carcassonne, France to hang out in. Castles and dungeons...what more could one want? Possibly swilling grog margaritas and beer and eating duck and pork stew? Oh yeah, been there done that. I did have to ditch my cutie booties for this town and put on the sneakers for the cobblestone streets of yesteryear. It's quaint, charming, and American friendly. Our French travels up until today have been hit and miss. Some of the Frenchies are not so enamored with the American dream and would just as soon us "hit the road, Jack" if you know what I mean. Of course, I don't expect people to speak English and cater to us, but I'm pretty amazed at some of the tourist areas that don't. Oh, well. I'll get over it. In the meantime, I'll soak up all the hospitality that medieval Carcassonne has to offer before heading out to who knows where France. Until next time...

Kristi in her new French life ~ biking to class
after our visit with her yesterday
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  1. Larry said all you do is eat! lol

  2. ha...it's what we do best! I have so many more food pics that I'm ashamed to post ;)


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