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Monday, February 4, 2008

Shea Update

Shea graduated from airborne school last week much to his relief. He walked away (thank God in one piece) with the good sense to know that he would not want to do this for a living. I think the once every three months that the army requires for "jump pay" will be plenty for him. He takes a two week break from Fort Bragg on Thursday to head to Austin for hometown recruiting. A very laid back atmosphere for him while he gets to catch up with his friends in Austin, as well as Dustin & Kayla. After recruiting, he will go back to Fort Bragg to begin his language training. Drumroll........you guessed it, يمكنك تحديد لغة البحث . Hmmm, I wonder where his overseas assignment will be? No doubt he will be our neighbor soon enough. Thankfully, Arabic will take a while to learn and maybe delay any tour he might have in the Middle East. Pray for peace.

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  1. I'm so proud of Shea. That had to really be tough jumping out of an airplane. I hope to see him while he is in.


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