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Monday, April 28, 2008

RE: Kristi Says

Imagine my surprise yesterday morning waking up to a blog by my lovely daughter, Kristi. So grown and almost gone. Wow. I think Kenny Chesney says it quite well, "Don't Blink". Hmm, wonder if I can find that song. Time will tell. Now, where was I going with this? I was really just talking about Kristi blogging and giving my creative genius (oh, brother) a rest. My message sort of took a turn to her leaving our little nest soon. More than the empty nest part, it makes me feel old! Let's be honest here, there will be no empty nest at the Knox household. Just a pure sigh of relief...soon to be four down. (Now, those of you that really know me know that the previous anecdote is just my defensive mechanism kicking in.) And I'm certainly not going to feed you a line of b.s. on how easy it was. I have wonderful kids, but 100% angel, they are not. Anyway, THANKS, KRISTI for stepping up to the plate and reporting. I'd love to hear from you more often. It's so nice to have a young perspective. Until next time, blogfully yours.

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  1. I am with you, Sister! It goes by way too fast! From what I can gather, you and David have done a great job! By the way, I love all the new stuff on your blog...


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