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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Coverage

A word from The Representative (that would be me, Kayla)...

What a BEAUTIFUL weekend it was for the crawfish boil! Ryan and I set out towards Groves, Texas on Saturday evening, surprising Maw Maw with our early arrival. She thought we wouldn't be there until Sunday, but little did she know I was just 10 minutes down the road when I called to ask if she had an egg, some vegetable oil, and some water. Those were the ingredients to go along with the brownies in a box we were picking up at HEB. Once we got to her house, she was preparing her famous "chocolate on bread". I did have to repeat that a couple times to Ryan. He couldn't grasp the idea of chocolate being put on bread. After making the brownies and talking with Maw Maw until nearly 2:00 in the morning we all headed to bed so we could be somewhat energized for the TACBSRTF (no clue what mom was calling it). Ryan came and woke me up at about 10:30...there were a few extra voices in Maw Maw's living room and I'm thinking he wasn't venturing into the unknown without me. It was certainly time for me to wake up so I got into my crawfish boil attire and off to see Maw Maw, Aunt Marge, Uncle Jerald, Aunt Charlene, Baby, and Joyce all conversing about the day ahead. Ryan was quickly introduced to a small preview of what he would be seeing once we arrived at Uncle Mark's house. A moment later, we loaded up the cars and headed that way. Surprisingly when we arrived, there were already quite a few cousins, uncles, aunts, etc. hanging out and having a good old time. Among a few "Howdys", I introduced Ryan to Uncle Mike who was quick to shake his hand and let him know that he "better take care of Kayla" or he'd have some gangs after him. I was quick to release the 15 second hand shake going on and continue with introductions. I knew Uncle Mike favored me, but gee...I didn't expect him to be so protective. Thanks Uncle Mike! I love you too! With empty tummies we waited patiently for the Crawfish to boil and the rest of the relatives to arrive. We had the largest turn out I can recall. Tons of Crawfish to be eaten and lots of other delicious foods to go along with it. I always look forward to Aunt Janie's brisket and was happy to hear Uncle Jame's say "Aunt Janie has brisket and she'll be here in a bit" so I held tight and waited it out for the good stuff. I only call that the good stuff because I'm just not a huge fan of peeling crawfish. I ate about three pieces, only because Ryan so kindly handed to me, already peeled of course. If I'm not mistaken, he ate three tubs of it. He was stuffed!! But of course had to make his way to the desert table to see what else was in store. After a quick round of dessert...Volleyball was in the making. The court was being sprayed and raked and people were gathering around to get dibs on the first game. Boy, was it HOT! After two games, I took a break and chilled inside in the A/C for a little while. A few glasses of tea later, I decided I needed to get a few pictures of volleyball before we headed out for the day. So back into the heat of the day, I snapped a few photos and said my farewells. I had such a lovely time and I believe Ryan did as well. I just hope I met the expectations of my mother in the photography department. Thanks for the help on that Aunt Regina and Uncle Mike!! I'll forever be grateful for you helping me not fail my mother twice!

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  1. Kudos to Kayla! Great coverage, missy. I felt like I was there. BTW, Ryan...love the haircut :)


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