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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just Say No

...to drugs, stealing, killing, and oh, especially


Ok, so it's not just me being sensitive to what I've been reading in the papers this week. I see that the popular local forum at ILOVEQATAR.net is on board, as well. While perusing the news, I'm finding that sex is more "haraam" in Qatar than killing someone. Day after day in the "Court Roundup" section of the Gulf Times, people are being sent to prison and subsequently deported for "illicit" sex. Now, I'm not an "illicit" sex advocate, BUT the next story will read "Local kills pedestrian due to reckless driving", yet he will receive a suspended sentence (after paying blood money and/or a fine, of course). Heaven forbid you steal a bed sheet (wrong, again, I know), depending on your nationality (my guess) you will get a six month jail term and then shipped home.

Examples from this week...

Court Roundup ~ March 28
Court Roundup ~ March 30
No legal system is perfect, but this one seems to be perfectly inconsistent.

Bottom line: I'll refrain from "illicit" sex, stealing, drugs, and reckless driving and all will be good. Piece of cake.

P.S. I still love Qatar :P

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