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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Picnic Pics

Here are a few pics from yesterday's Knox family reunion at Maury County Park in Columbia, TN. The weather was beautiful, if not a bit too chilly. Kristi was the only one prepared as she was equipped with a sweatshirt. Seriously, the date was July 18th for Pete's sake. The rest of us fought off goosebumps the entire afternoon. We had record lows this morning of 57F and it is a beautiful 73F right now at noon! Our trip here is winding down as we'll be catching our plane to Austin later this evening. It was great seeing all of David's family together, along with the extended family at the picnic. Thanks for the Tennessee hospitality. Looking forward to next time already.

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  1. Isn't it just crazy how you always have to pack a sweatshirt when you travel up north? The family reunion looks like the ones we have with Don's family in Kentucky.

  2. Ginny Knox Alter7/21/09, 3:07 PM

    I think we broke some kind of "attendance record," as well as temperature record. Oh, my gosh---your blog is inspiring! I really need to at least get a Facebook. It was great to see you all at the reunion, and I will be praying for safe travels for you all as you head back to your various locations. : )



  3. Yep, the sweatshirt weather would never occur in southeast Texas in July, but you never know about those "northern" southern states!

    Thanks for dropping in Ginny! It was good seeing you and your kids...well, the ones that aren't busy serving our country! Your right on those two record breaking events. I wouldn't mind if we broke them both again next year :D


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