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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Still in Kyle

I know you've been waiting for the answer to the age old question: So, did she cook or didn't she? Well, believe it or not I did. The only problem was that everyone ditched me but Dustin (who would never miss a home cooked meal) and David (who knows better than to miss a home cooked meal). Hailey and her children bailed out on us and headed to San Antonio to meet with Robert after his daily Army training session was up. I think she had wished that she had stayed home with us after that, as she spent all evening trying to retrieve the car keys that she had locked in the trunk. If only she had put her extra set that was resting in the car console in her purse, all could have been averted. I'd say live and learn, but at my last inquest the extra set was still in the console. Hmm. Last night, Hailey and the girls headed back to San Antonio, with David, Kayla, Kristi, and me following to join Robert (I still prefer Bobby, but he's all grown up now) for dinner. Upon arrival, we find out that we had at least an hour wait because some of the units soldiers somehow could not follow the rules. Boys will be boys, so they paid the price with a little scrubbing. It all worked out and we still squeaked out just enough time to have a sit down meal, before Hailey had to drop him back at the base. Hopefully Bobby's unit will mind their p's & q's, so that they can get their usual weekend leave. Good luck on that, guys!

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  1. Did ya'll move the dining room table?


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