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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Belated Thoughts

Many mornings since "The Storm", I've sat down and tried to peck out a few words of wisdom or consolation for those affected. I was always at a loss of what to say. I have an aunt in Cameron, La whose home was filled with water and a niece and close friends in Bridge City that I still haven't heard the "official" report, but I know it's not good. I have friend here in Doha that has a home in Labelle that Ike wreaked havoc on. I know there are numerous others facing the daunting task of putting their homes and lives back together. As of yesterday, I've been duly scolded (I think, or that's what I thought) by my former boss, Jan, It was in an email I received from her yesterday letting me know of the devastation of Ike. She and her office staffed finally were able to return to their offices in downtown Beaumont to find windows had been blown out and the carpets torn out due to water damage. She's one of my much appreciated, faithful blog followers. She knows I like to talk about current events, so I guess she made the jump that I didn't know of Ike's wrath on my old stomping ground, since I didn't report it on the blog. When I first opened her email, I thought she was chastising me for not elaborating on it, then I came to the realization it was just a heart felt letter pouring out her concern of the devastation Ike had caused. I'm not sure what caused my "writer's block". Maybe it was because the televisions were covering it 24/7 and I felt that just perhaps someone would like to click on something on the internet that wasn't about the ruins and lives left behind. Or maybe, it's because I've always been known as the queen of denial... if I don't talk about it, it didn't happen. Trust me, I know it happened. I for one, did follow the news nonstop. It was like I had read and seen so much that there was nothing more that I could add. So, let it be known now, I didn't mean to ignore anyone's plight. I truly, for once, was at a loss for words. My prayers go out to everyone who's facing losses during this time. May God bestow his peace and guidance upon you.

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  1. I'm so sorry you thought I was chastising you. I would never do that to you. I LOVE YOU!! I just looked at the date of your post and jumped to conclusions. When we all FINALLY came home, the first thing we wanted was NEWS, but TV provider lines, phone provider lines were still down, water not potable (coming out brown from the faucets) etc., etc. Rumors were rampant, i.e., 200 bodies removed from Bolivar peninsular (not true, one body found), etc. Please forgive me. After the initial shock and now having newspapers and real news, I have gotten on my knees and thanked our Lord for our blessings for all of our families here at JGA. Our reporter, Kim Broussard was hit the hardest. The storm surge flooded her beautiful country home on the outskirts of Winnie. They are gutting it and rebuilding. They had no flood insurance. I hope all of your affected family members fare well. I will remember them in my prayers. Love, Jan P.S. This disaster will NOT prevent me from coming to visit you!!!!!!

  2. We feel truly blessed here in Houston that our only suffering was to be without power and water for about 30 hours. My niece, Brandy, lost her beach cabin. I hope all others affected take heart that we are all praying for their quick recovery and lives back to normal. Thanks, Sybil.


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