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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What's for Din Din?

The phone call went sort of like this:

"Sybil, can you make a quiche for the brunch?"

Raucous laughter with inaudible words and then, "Come, again, I thought you asked me to make a quiche?"

Yes?? I did.

Again, loud laughter followed by, "Are you kidding me?! I can call Bateel and order one."

Well, two years later, baby, I have arrived. Thanks, Patrizi! Yesterday while at work (loose term), Sherry excused herself to go prepare lunch and hollered out as she headed to the kitchen, "It's going to be awesome". I had no doubt and looked forward to the moment. When the lunch bell rang and I arrived in the kitchen, there was this beautiful masterpiece of a spinach quiche that she had just whipped up. In my house, the food only has to look good, so it's definitely passed that mile marker. After that, you're on your own. It was absolutely amazingly beautiful and delicious. Wow, one can achieve both! I can do this, I told myself. Sherry even gave me my starter piece, the crust, to launch my endeavor. I stopped at Carrefour for a tart pan and some ingredients and whistled all the way home. When David answered the call for dinner, he was taken by surprise at something different on the menu. He sat down and said, "Wow, you're not taking pictures?!" I embarrassingly had to admit that I already had. You can say it, I have no shame. I'm also proud to admit that it rivaled Sherry's dish. So, give me a call Ms. McCamey. Did you say you needed a quiche?

Ok so Sherry's did photograph way better than mine. Her house is a freakin' testament to her artistic photo genius, so the presentation was unmatchable. Plus, I did get a little trigger happy with the cheese and the goodies didn't show as well.

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  1. Well well... something is rubbing off.. David can thank me later.

    I am proud of you doll!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    See you in Basketball, Tennis and Track and Field season...:)


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