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Thursday, May 28, 2009

How Much Does THAT Cost?

After two years in Doha, you just put it in the basket and get over it. The cost of living here is a bit high just depending on what you are tossing in the cart. I haven't figured out the rhyme or reason for certain products to be so high, as some are really reasonably priced compared to the U.S. It's just a lottery that we deal with. Full disclosure: CPChem does compensate us for the price differentials, but it still hurts to pay $8.00 for a box of home grown American cereal, so I opt out. I'd say I was cheap, but read on. It's all in your priorities. I've compiled a list of a few items that I buy on a regular basis just so you can have an idea.

13 oz can of Folgers Columbian Coffee
(remember when it used to be a pound?)

QR 21.50 or $5.91

2 Liters of "Fresh Milk" (make sure you ask for fresh or you will get Laban, which is sort of like buttermilk...ask Kristi)

QR 11.50 or $3.16

Note that is 2 liters, not a gallon!
one liter is a little shy of one quart

1 bottle of drinking water

QR 1 or 27.5 cents

Bargain, huh? Just one of those things that Qatar subsidizes.

5 gallons water for cooler

QR 8 or $2.20

ground beef (called minced beef here, fyi very lean)

QR 29.75 per kg or approx* $4.00 per lb
(*I was getting a headache from doing the double conversion)

fresh pineapple (peeled cored & sliced before your eyes)

QR 10.00 or $2.75 (flat rate)

fresh kiwi

QR15.50 per kg or $1.86 lb

Fresh tomatoes

QR2 per kg or 25cent per lb (from Syria)

QR 27.25 per kg or $3.65 per lb (from Holland on the vine)

Romaine lettuce (ice berg is sold at a premium here)

QR 2.50 per kg or 32 cents per lb

Cheddar cheese from the deli

QR32.75 per kg or $4.40 per lb

Turkey from the deli

QR75 per kg or $10.00 per lb (price varies)

Heaven forbid you want Butterball...QR105 per kg or $13.50 per lb

Tresemmee Mousse (the ONLY one at Carrefour)

QR36.00 or $10.00 per can!!!!

Estee Lauder Double Wear base makeup

QR160.00 or $44.00 (I won't get caught, again, low on this product!)

The good news is that you can get just about anything you need in Doha these days, well almost. Everyday new products pop up on our shelves that weren't there just the day before, but the key is you better buy it when you see it. It may be there just for a fleeting moment, never to return. Happy shopping!

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  1. I love this post!

    And you're right, makeup and beauty essentials are so expensive here. Next time I go home, the plan is to buy three of everything I like to avoid paying $25 for mascara.


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