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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mommy's Here, Girls

Eight thousand miles between us, but just a phone call away means we are always connected, which leads me to two VERY different phone calls that I received in the last twelve hours from two beautiful, but VERY different girls. In all fairness though, as different as they are, the calls could have been reversed.

Phone call one: "MOM!" in a crying desperate voice. My heart skips a beat, my imagination has run amok and the nano second that passes by before the sentence is completed seems like an eternity. "I was in a wreck and I was in YOUR car", still crying all the while. Is that it?, I'm asking myself, did you kill somebody, because you sound ok is all that's running through my head. I ascertain that no one is dead, no one is even injured, so my breathing and heart beat return. "It's just a car honey, we have insurance". Oh how times have changed. We used to freak out over such things and now how unimportant those same "things" are. I don't care if that car is daddy's pride and joy. It's just that, a car. So, wipe those tears away, sweetie, and let us all be thankful that everyone is safe.Come to find out, it wasn't just the car, but a stressful finals project that Kristi was running an errand for that added to all the frustration. After all is said and done, not even a scratch on our car and only a cracked bumper on the other one. Life is good.

Phone call two: "MOM!" in a joyful tone. Thank God, I say to myself. "I just met Glen Frey! He hugged me...(pause)...several times...(pause)...called me his girlfriend." Ok, now we have to talk young lady. My blog junkies, let me fill you in on some background. Kayla has a new summer job as a waitress at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort in Bastrop, Tx. No, she hasn't thrown Plucker's to the wind, she just likes to shake things up a bit in the summertime. Kayla had informed me that according to her coworkers, famous people sometimes pop in on occasion. Little did she know that "sometime" was going to be on her very second day on the job. So, Glen Frey of The Eagles, along with his entourage waltzed right in dressed in black and red pinstriped silk suits no less, and were seated at Kayla's "table in training". Of course, she had no idea who he was. Rumor was abound in the restaurant of the gentleman's name, but Kayla nor the waitress she was piggybacking had ever heard of him. He wasn't listed on their VIP cheat sheet, so they Googled him. Oh, the wonders of the Internet. She's decided she just might like this new gig and I'll bet there are a few more Eagles tunes loaded on her iPod as we speak. Life is good.

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