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Monday, May 18, 2009

Kayla Survives An L.A. Quake

What's happening? An earthquake in southern Los Angeles, where my daughter, Kayla, just happens to be visiting at the moment. She and three of her friends took advantage of a Southwest Airlines "ding" special and that's where it landed them. They are having the time of their lives sunning, Hollywood trekking, and visiting Disneyland. However, the first thing I read via the web this morning was that there was breaking news of an earthquake hitting within one mile of L.A.'s airport. This brought on a little panic because that's exactly where Kayla and friends are staying...at a Sheraton in the airport area. I immediately phoned her and thankfully they were still hobnobbing at Disneyland amongst Mickey and gang. When I told her about the quake, she realized that they had all felt it just an hour before wondering what the heck it was. Disneyland is about twenty miles from the quake while her fourteenth floor hotel room only one mile. Now, that would have been frightening. Hopefully they will be out of there before any significant aftershocks occur. Preliminary reports state that there is no major damage or injuries.

On another front, I spoke to Shea last night. His plane ticket to Africa has been changed from today to a couple of weeks away for his Embassy stint. The Army has had him in limbo for so long that he's not so sure if or when he will really go. Nevertheless, he's ready for the adventure if they will only say the word.

A couple of pics Kayla sent me from her cell phone:

Mindy, Kayla, Tessa & Heather (friends from high school)

Word has it that the trip has been great other than Mindy finding a "Ladybug" in her organic salad and dropping her cell phone in the port-a-potty. I'm talking literally down the toilet. She retrieved it, but is sad to report that it did have poo damage and is not working :(

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  1. How odd we haven't heard of this earthquake??!!
    Hope your daughter and her friends are fine .. lots of prayers for all of them to be safe.


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