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Monday, May 25, 2009

Red Phone Moments

Have I ever mentioned that I get a little nervous when I get a call on the "red phone" aka my U.S.A. connection? When it rings early in the morning I know it's one of the kids because sleep is not on their agenda. I just never know what words are going to blurt out of their mouths. Well, with Dustin, it's never a blurt...just one monotone drawl like his last phone call to me. "Mom, I have bad news and badder". Geez, Dust, what now? Surely it couldn't be too bad, since he didn't share it with David when he answered the phone. "I missed two of my finals". OMG, this is coming from a kid that for all the years he's spent in school should be a doctor or lawyer by now. It has taken me years of training by Dustin, to not be a reactor (insert cleansing breaths here). He had already contacted both professors involved, pleading his case and asking for mercy. Dustin has come a long way from his black and white days. Growing up, he never understood the words, "maybe or we'll see". You had to tell him "yes" or "no". There was no in between. Thankfully, he now understands that there is a gray area in life, and where there's a will, there is a way. Hence, his teachers have granted him leniency due to his new found will.

Funny, that is not even the story I was going to tell when starting this post. Kayla's phone call to me this morning was the subject at hand. "MOM! I ran over an armadillo!". Being a true Texan, I wasn't sure if I should be proud or upset! She told me that she was sure that she lined her tires up right so that she wouldn't hit it. I laughed as I thought of what armadillos are known for...suddenly jumping when they get spooked. It all made sense to Kayla when I told her that, since she was sure that she didn't feel her tires go over it. Apparently what she heard was the big thud of it hitting the bottom of her car as he jumped. For PETA purposes, we'll assume the armadillo was just stunned and made his way across the road. It's all good.

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