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Monday, May 11, 2009

Slides are for Kids...
You Silly Adult

Not only has Riviera Gardens' management ignored me, now they have dissed me. After registering a few official complaints at the clubhouse regarding the lack of water running down the slide as it is clearly designed for and the assistant so carefully logging my request in her little black log for posterity, a new sign has emerged at the pool. I take offense. Instead of just heeding my requests, they've decided to boycott me. My quest for justice is not over, my friends. We will await the final chapter.

I know I previously said that the next pic you would see of this slide is me flying down it, but I have to present the evidence:

Before this pool season is over, I will have my picture taken going down this slide! Afterthought: Is pool season ever over in this country??

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  1. i like the idea of you sliding down the slide...but what will you do once you hit the water? you can't swim... =)

  2. That's what floaties are for :D

  3. Sybil on a kiddie slide, with floaties on....this I gotta see!! But then again, you are so cute and TINY, someone is bound to jump in and rescue you!!!


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