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Monday, August 3, 2009

Health Break II

Kristi and I snuck* away to Port Arthur this weekend without you guys even knowing it. I didn't advertise the trip because I wasn't going to have time to visit friends or stop and meet anyone for coffee along the way (sorry, Kim!). I went back and had a Reclast infusion to treat my osteoporosis. It's a quick fifteen minute procedure by I.V. that takes the place of my Boniva that I loathe to take. I know that it sounds pitiful that I can't stand to take the time once monthly to pop that little pill. The pill itself is not so bad. It's the fact that I have to take it first thing in the morning and I can't drink my coffee for an ENTIRE hour after taking it. Oh, the turmoils of my life, but that one has been solved for a complete twelve months. Yep, the I.V. lasts an entire year. I will be a compliant patient if only I can remember to take my calcium along the way. I think I can handle it knowing the other is no longer an obstacle. Did I say fifteen minute procedure? Unfortunately it can take a bit longer if they have to use three different nurses at three different times to find a usable vein. Luckily, they hit pay dirt after four separate sticks, so all is well that ends well. We got back to Kyle last night, but not without stopping in to visit Kayla at her Hyatt job at the Lost Pines Resort in Bastrop. Kristi and I enjoyed a nice evening meal on the patio, although we had to check with Kayla to make sure there was anEpiPen in the area to save Kristi from the killer bees that were hanging around her and her soda. She's been known to swell up quite nicely from bee stings. We survived the bees and enjoyed the mild evening temps as we were waited on by the best (and prettiest) waitress that Shellers has to offer. I can't help myself...just call me the proud momma.

*I know that "snuck" is not a word, but sneaked just sounds so silly!

Yes, another health public service announcement: You may be at risk for osteoporosis and not even know it. (CHECK HERE) My GYN would not give me an order for testing when I discussed with her that I felt I was at risk due to my small frame and family history. Because I had not reached "menopause" and was only in my forties, she saw no reason to order a scan. A year later when my family doctor recommended a bone density scan, my osteoporosis was already in the severe stage. If you are at risk, demand an order for a scan from your doctor!

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  1. Hey Syb, snuck is a word so my Scrabble dictionary says. It means the past tense of sneak. Keep up the good work. I'm still editing.

    Aunt Marge

  2. Ok, you caught me, although I'm not a big fan of some of those fake Scrabble words :D You are right, snuck has gained credit in the dictionary, but is considered by most as substandard English. I didn't use it cuz you know I don't like to use substandard English. Keep up that editing...I need all the help I can get (you too, Regina)!


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