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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ready for Take Off, Sort Of

Doing my best to get ready for our flight out in the morning, as the "Romantic Road" awaits us. But you know how that goes. I'm sitting here talking to you guys and looking for all sorts of excuses to avoid packing. That doesn't mean I'm not excited about the trip. Au contraire, I wish I could wiggle my nose Bewitched style and be there already. We should have a car (fingers crossed) waiting for us at the airport, GPS included. That just might be our saving grace to hold this marriage together during our travels. No pressure. The Germany weather is looking a bit dodgy with a little rain in the forecast and it's not going to be cold, but not hot, either. It's looking like one of those, how do I pack situations.Our first three nights are booked, but it's all spontaneous from there. We have a tentative route, but I've decided to clear my mind of it and just take it as it comes. Bottom line: we just have to end up back at our starting point come next Friday. You know the drill. I'll post pics as I can, Internet willing. Happy travels to the rest of our EID vacationers. Stay safe.

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  1. Have a romantic time! If you can deal with the crowds in Munich and love German cervesa, the Oktoberfest starts on Saturday, otherwise stay away and don't drive there, the traffic is horrible during that festival. Take a train in from Augsburg. My sis and her German hubby are there next week visiting family and drinking!

  2. Thanks, Lucy! You are the one that originally suggested this area when we passed briefly through Germany in the spring. Then David saw it on the travel channel and the rest is history. He mentioned that Oktoberfest would be in full swing, but Kristi & I have seen enough drunken Germans in the Frankfurt airport at 5:00 in the morning bellied up to the bar. If I NEVER experience Oktoberfest in Munich, I will leave this earth content :D

  3. Don't blame you for not going, it is basically a bunch of drunk men wearing lederhosen! Have a good time and eat a lot, the Romantic Road has the best restaurants. I want to see pics of the food too!


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