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Monday, September 21, 2009

Heading Towards Fussen

It's Monday morning and we've had two full days in Rothenburg. After breakfast, we'll get back on the Romantic Road and head towards Fussen with a few city stops on the way. As you can see, we've had nothing but blue skies smiling at us. We can't expect it to continue, but we will take it as we get it. Traveling by car has been much simpler than I ever dreamed it would be . The GPS has definitely been a Godsend. Now, if we could only get David to watch the road instead of the map while cruising the autobahn. He's driving 160kph and getting passed as though we're standing still. I'll let y'all do the math on that one. We stopped at nearly every small town from Wurzburg to Rothenburg, on our trip here Saturday. Every single one was beautiful, perfectly manicured and flower laden. The pride these people have in their homes and shops is unmatchable. Rothenburg is a really quaint town with cobblestone streets and colorful old houses and shops. More pictures to come when I download them. Here are a few from Saturday morning. I know, I know...I'm a tad behind.

I found another knight in shining armor just in case we run into any "spitters" on this vacation! Any food pics you see are at Lucy's request (thanks for asking, Lucy!). I love food pics! This particular cafe didn't have apple strudel, so we had to go to plan b...the waiter's suggestion. Waffles, ooh la la! They were delicious.

View from our Rothenburg hotel room, Romantik Markusturn.

Rothenburg's market square.

Just a small country town we drove through that's not even on the map.

Street scene in Wurburg.

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  1. I hope that is ice cream on those waffles and not butter!! lol

  2. Those waffles look yummy! Sure look better than the ones at IHOP. Thanks for remembering the food pics.

  3. Thoroughly enjoying the pics of your trip through Germany! Tania and her hubby have been in Ansbach for a couple of weeks, and going on to Frankfurt tomorrow. Who knows, you might just cross paths with a some fellow southeast Texans!!


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