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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Remembering Those Who Forget

Let's get away from my make believe world here in Doha and highlight a little bit of the real world. I'm talking about Alzheimer's. Thus far I have been blessed to not have to deal with such an egregious disease, but I have two dear friends that have. One is dealing with it as we speak (our prayers are with you, Konnie), and the other has already lost her mother in this battle. My high school best friend (and still dear, but not near!), Fran, is "on the move to end Alzheimer's" in memory of her mom in a walk next weekend in Katy, Texas. If you'd like to help support the Alzheimer's Association, here's the link to Fran's page regarding the upcoming walk on September 12th and what you can do to help. Thanks, my friends!

Mrs. Girouard, or Mrs. G., as I referred to her, was a beautiful and warm woman that loved to take care of everything whether it be her husband, her kids, her kids' friends (me!), the garden, the cooking, the sewing, and her impeccably kept house. She made June Cleaver look inept. Mrs. G. was also the Ginger Rogers of the dance floor, an art form that she passed on to Fran. I'm not so sure if Fran inherited those other skills! :D

Wellsphere.com reports:

The Alzheimer's Association has published a new report that contains updated statistics on this disease.

Below are 5 quick (and staggering) facts from the full report:

  • 5 million persons in the US alone have Alzheimer's Disease
  • Someone develops Alzheimer's Disease every 71 seconds
  • Each year, Alzheimer's Disease costs the medical field over $148 BILLION
  • As many as 10 million Baby Boomers may develop Alzheimer's Disease in the US
  • The fatality rate of Alzheimer's Disease remains at 100%.
You can access the full report by going to their website at www.alz.org.

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  1. Girlfriend, you are the best. It means the world to me for you to share our story with all your readers. My mom was truly "June Cleaver," wasn't she? She loved you, Denise, Brenda, Lucy, Theresa . . . all my close girlfriends like they were her own. And you are right; I didn't inherit any other talents except for dancing. :-) I love and miss you, girlfriend.

  2. PS - I haven't had the courage to watch "The Notebook" yet. I'll do it one day when I'm alone and have many boxes of Kleenex handy. Beautiful YouTube clip.

  3. It was a no brainer when I received your email that you were doing the Alzheimer's walk, again, this year. Your mom was a surrogate mom to me. I saw The Notebook with the girls some years back...it was beautiful.

  4. That was really beautiful, Sybil. Fran's mom was so sweet and always had a way of making you smile. I have to admit though, that I have tasted two things that Fran makes really good, shrimp bread and etouffee. I'd love to get a hold of her mom's old recipe cards!

  5. What a special remembrance! She certainly did touch so many lives. It's makes me feel so cozy inside to think about those old times! All the time spent there for me was like my second home. Remember the no-bake oatmeal cookies? YUM!

  6. Good news, girls, I have all the old recipe cards tucked away safely. You are right, Lucy, I can make the etouffee. And Denise, I still try the no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies sometimes. Man, are those full of bad stuff(but oh, so good tasting).

  7. Ok, girls...we must have a slumber party and spread out the wax paper and whip up some of those chocolate oatmeal cookies. I totally forgot about them! We could open up a box of "passed notes" that I still have tucked away from junior high & high school! Lucy, you can be the moderator cuz no telling what dirt Fran, Denise, and I were dishing out on one another!

  8. Good idea! Sybil, I'm sure Lucy, Denise and I would all make a road trip to Kyle when you visit next for a slumber party. Or we can do it here in Houston. Let's just DO IT. :-)

  9. I'm in! I can't believe you saved "passed notes" from school. I can't wait to read those! Chocolate oatmeal cookies sound great, too. Send me that recipe Fran when you get a chance.

  10. Will send it this weekend, Lucy.

  11. Ok girls, the slumber party is ON!
    Details forthcoming :P

  12. OK, I am SO THERE!! Mrs G was not just a good cook. I thought of this last night....another great memory I have is when I stopped in to visit with her while going through my divorce. I remember sharing my distraught, and she told me that adversity builds character. If I remember correctly, I think I told her I would like a little less character in my life...lol.

  13. LOL - Denise, you are so funny!


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