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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wafi Gourmet Hits Doha

David and I stopped in at the newly opened Wafi Gourmet in Landmark last week. The open market atmosphere was buzzing with a "come hither" attitude that I just couldn't pass up. Coffees, pastries, meats, fish, appetizers, everything right there on display for your ogling eyes. They definitely had my attention so we decided to stay and try it out first hand. Without a doubt, it was the best fatoush I've had in Doha. We kept it simple and just ordered grilled chicken for our entree...had to leave room for dessert! Apparently, there is a small portion not listed on the menu that was offered to us, but we opted for the regular since we were already sharing. The chicken was perfectly seasoned and cooked and way more than our appetites could handle. Thinking back, the small order would probably have done the trick. We rounded out our meal with cappuccinos and a tiramisu. At the risk of being sued*, I have to say that the tiramisu was dry, practically tasteless and about the size of a fun size candy bar, but maybe our fault? Perhaps we should have gone for the baklava. After all, Wafi is a Lebanese restaurant, duh (not to be confused with LRD on The Pearl).

P.S. For some reason I was camera shy and only pulled out my mobile for pics. What's up with that? Weak moment, I guess. Anyway, as you can tell the food pics were "after" thoughts. That's how much chicken was left after we both had our fill.

Mini Review:

Will definitely go back. Nice atmosphere, good service, reasonable prices~higher than Turkey Central, cheaper than hotels. No iced tea, bring your own sweet-n-low (you know, to counteract the dessert!)

*Kuwait blogger sued over bad restaurant review

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  1. this resto was very hospitable


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