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Monday, April 27, 2009

Will I or Won't I ?

No music today...Imeem, my music source, is becoming a pain in the bum. They have limited nearly all of their songs to thirty second blips. Shame on them! I live for the music :(

As I was plugging my camera battery charger into one of our many power strips this morning, I started thinking about things I won't miss when I leave this country. On the contrary, it also made me think about a few things I will miss. No, mom, we aren't heading back to the states anytime soon (knock on wood). This is simply blog fodder. I found all these things to be really strange when moving here, but most have grown on me and I forget what's normal and what's not. What I've also found is that some of these things are not only normal here, but on this side of the world in general.

Things I will NOT miss:

The standard issue "chandelier" lighting in the villa bedrooms that goes along with the hotel decor, as well.

The self installed extension cord (with double sided stick tape) sporting a twenty foot cord to reach the bedroom because there are no electrical outlets in the bathroom other than for "shaver" use only.

Pointing the way to "Mecca" for me on our bedroom door frame for the five daily prayer times.

These three knobs that I'm not entirely sure what their purpose is. They are at eye level randomly placed in our three bathrooms.

Can you believe this one??

Now, what I WILL miss:

Comes in handy when rinsing the tub.

Not this thermostat per se, but the fact that we have one in each bedroom that controls that bedroom's temperature, working independently from the others. Is that cool or what?

This is a receptacle, you know, a "plug in". I won't miss the single plug ins at all. This is what prompted this whole post today. We have to plug in power strips because single receptacles just don't cut it. What I will miss is the convenient power on and off switch that each one has. Need to stick my knife in the toaster? No problem, just cut the power to that receptacle.

Now this one, I wasn't so sure about at first. I've decided it comes in really handy in cleaning the toilet. It's a really high pressure sprayer that honestly, I would rather it at my kitchen sink.

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  1. Grest blog post. Maybe you can install some of those extra shower handles in Kyle.

  2. It is really hard to get your butt up at the kitchen sink though...



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