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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Vienna Days and Knights

spittle: saliva ejected from mouth: saliva, especially that has been or is about to be expelled from the mouth

Ok, now that I've got your attention, I'll fill you in on our quite eventful morning. The skies were blue and the sun was shining as we boarded our trolley to catch The Vienna Boys Choir at one of the beautiful concert halls in Vienna. We made it to our stop and hopped off the tram. Before I could turn to grab David's hand, I felt and saw spit go by. I don't think I literally felt it, but I definitely sensed it. Then my suspicions were confirmed as spit came hurling my way again. I instantly knew that the situation was not good and quickly turned to David to say let's get out of here, when I heard him yelling at this guy something to the effect of "You spit on my wife you crazy @#%#!! Sorry, kids and JoJo...I have to tell it like it is and how it was. The guy was screaming back at David in German (or Jibberish, as David called it) and then I hear David, who's hormones are in full rage by now, telling the guy, "Come on, I'll kick your behind". Well, I'm not so sure he used that exact word, truthfully I know he didn't, but you get my drift. This whole time I'm screaming at David to leave the crazy guy alone. Our whole trip is passing before my eyes as I'm envisioning me visiting David in an Austrian prison while pleading with the American Embassy for help. What I hadn't realized at this point in time was that my knight in shining armor had already smacked the guy with a right hook to the face at the very moment he realized what this loon had done. I'm so glad I missed that as I was already pretty much hysterical. You'll be happy to know it ended there as we left the man still screaming out his jibberish as we headed to the concert. Never the less, we enjoyed the concert and our last afternoon in Vienna. We arrived in Salzburg this afternoon via train passing through surreal countryside scenes that I've only seen in puzzles. I need to sign off as I'm down in the business center using the Internet, hence no pictures. We don't have the luxury of having it in our room this leg of the trip. I wish y'all a good night while I go check on my good knight, as well.

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  1. i'm so confused...why did this man spit on you??? GO GET EM DAD! wish i could have seen it!

  2. I was so upset, what the heck, that guy must have been a nut case!
    Glad you all are okay. Hope the rest of the trip is the great vacation you deserve.

  3. I did nothing! All I did was step off the bus. I had never even spoken to or seen the guy before. Dad said he had noticed him on the trolley and that he seemed a bit odd, but that was it! And Kristi, I listened to your voicemail in the Sheraton lobby and it came across loud and clear ...now EVERYONE knows that YOU think dad is a bad a** and that Austria is crazy. Austria is not crazy...just one crazy guy. Austria is beautiful and everyone is super friendly! Later!

  4. JOJO asked me to send a post for her. She said she is praying for you and to stay away from old men who spit.

  5. well i'm glad that my voicemail probably got the point across to everyone that if they tried anything on you, dad would just punch them out. sheeeshhh!
    i love you & hope you're having the time of your life. xoxox

  6. Good for you David!!!
    And good for you David and Sybil that you didn't let it spoil the rest of your day.

    You just never know what you'll come across, but ain't it grand to know you're with someone who's got your back?

    blessings, and come back safely!

  7. waytago, David, givemhe**!! You gotta protect your little woman. Put them cowboy boots on y'all and walk proud through Austria. Us Texans are bad. Love, Jan


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