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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ask and You Shall Receive

It seems I'm in repeat mode these days. I had a 370QR ($110) voucher to redeem at Lulu Hypermarket, compliments of The Qatar Tribune for subscribing. It's across town and not convenient for me, but I made the effort a month or so ago to use the certificate. I got to the checkout and only had 80QR worth of groceries thinking they would just give me a credit, but that wasn't their plan. You had to use the entire amount at one visit. I wasn't in the mood to start my shopping all over so I headed home. I realized a couple of days ago that I hadn't used the voucher and it was due to expire 3/31/09. Today, being 3/31/09, I headed back to LuLu for the second time, but this time I was better armed. I didn't know the first time around that there was a huge upstairs area packed with electronics, appliances, and everything you can imagine under the Qatari sun. This time I was on a mission to purchase an IPod for a gift. I picked it out, got to the checkout, and was very politely informed that my voucher expired on 3/21/09! I'm so stubborn about those reading glasses. I must give in. I pleaded with the checker to let me use it, so she called her manager who in turn told me that he couldn't help me, but sent me on to the "accounts" building for possible assistance. Great. He gave me directions and sent me on my way. I surprisingly found the building and entered this office with twenty men staring back at me as all work stopped while summing me up. No one is exempt...not even ladies past their prime. Let's just say, had Kristi been here, she would have died and I would have heard about it all the way home. Usually I don't mind, but Lulu itself was already a little intimidating with all it's "bachelors" and this just added to it. Thankfully, I was sent to the accounts manager who had an office all to himself without forty eyeballs looking on. Bottom line: He called the Tribune and explained to whomever in Hindi, that he had this stupid little broad in his shop that can't read ENGLISH that wants her voucher extended. And honestly, I couldn't blame him. He got out a post it note, validated the voucher, and made me one happy customer and and one happy giftee (unbeknowst to them!). Woohoo!

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  1. I know what you mean about the reading glasses. It was right before I turned 50 that I thought it was time to get a pair. I bought a pair at Steinmart and it is amazing what all I haven't been able to see! You ought to buy yourseld a pair soon.


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