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Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's Tinglish!

My new motto: Live and Learn. I know you've heard me use the phrase"same same, but different" in my postings, but I wasn't sure if I ever defined it. So, I used the trusty search box at the top left and found that I never really expounded on the subject. I guess it might be explanatory all by itself, but I thought I'd Google it to see where it originated. Come to find out, it's "Tinglish". Now, that's a cool word that I've yet to use. A little mixture of Thai and English. Hmm, it's all coming together now. While in Thailand last spring, Kristi and I ran across t-shirts that read "SAME SAME" across the front, while the backsides said "BUT DIFFERENT". We were so excited and scooped up a few to bring back to friends. I had no idea that the Thai people invented the phrase. I just new that I loved it, and used it quite often because in this country most things are indeed, same same but different. More different than same in most cases. Like telling the store clerk that I'm looking for non fat milk as he's picking up the low fat milk for me. "No, I want NO fat, skim milk". He looks at me and says, "same same, madame!". I'm shaking my head no, "no, no, not same same! That's low fat, I want no fat!". Still insisting that it's same same, I go ahead and buy it. He wins. I guess it was same same enough. What brings me to this subject today? Last night David and I ate at Far East Restaurant (highly recommended) and upon entering, a little gold sign caught my eye.

So, what time do they really close?

Disclaimer: This is in no shape, form or fashion a slur towards the Thai people. They are one of the most gracious and warm people that we have run across. I absolutely applaud their command of the English language and getting the point across is the name of the game. You don't hear me talking Thai, do you?

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