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Friday, March 20, 2009

Beautiful Lucerne

From Mexican food to Wilhema Zoo and Gardents to the newly opened Porche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany:

And now, greetings from Lucerne, Switzerland. Upon our short walk from the train station to the hotel, it was already apparent that this small Swiss city exudes beauty and charm. We arrived only a few hours ago and just returned from a local restaurant called Rex's, I think. The gentleman that ran the establishment, took our order, cooked our food, and entertained us with Swiss hospitality that has to be unmatchable. He was the sweetest old man ever and won our hearts immediately. He was so pleased to practice his English with us, but unfortunately we could not reciprocate with his German language. We're only going to be here two days, but no doubt will return to visit him. Our hotel is situated on the River Reuss with picturesque views of the Swiss Alps. We look forward to getting out tomorrow to explore despite the high temperatures not getting above the freezing mark. Brrrr...a far cry from Doha's 85 degree forecast. Shea should be arriving around midnight tonight via train to join us for the weekend. Until next time...

Views from our hotel balcony.

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  1. This looks like an awesome place to visit. Great Lucerne pics.

  2. Did you go inside the church? That is where I want my daughters to get married. It is the most beautiful church in Europe on the inside.
    I'm jealous.
    Stuck at home working all week, Hey what is the number to delivery food?

  3. The city is just a wonderful place for pics. It could make Polaroids look good...wow, that's a blast from the past. Yes, Sher, we did go in that church. It was beautiful, and good luck on paying for those weddings!


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