Our five year adventure in Doha, Qatar ended June 1, 2012, but the memories will always remain. It's back to Texas where I have decided...Qatar isn't cornering the market on "quirky", as I once believed. Thanks for opening my eyes to the world, Doha!

Monday, June 8, 2009

"As the Pink Villas Turn"

It's the sequel to "As the World Turns", here in the pink villas. We were out and about in the hood the other evening and came upon a camera crew at our dear departed Frances' home. Oops, that's deported, not departed. Well, not exactly deported, either. She's one of our gal pals that headed back to Texas last month. Anyway, there was a gathering of traditionally dressed men of young and old in her ex front yard with cameras rolling. Of course, I didn't let it go without asking the crew in the street what was going on. He informed me that they were filming a "Qatar Drama". I'm thinking to myself, if you want to film drama, buddy, just hit the streets and film the traffic. So, it seems the pink villas are gong to hit the big screen. Well, a screen, anyway. I'm not sure why our villas were selected, as we only have a few locals that live here. It must have been the colors of our villas that intrigued the producers or perhaps it was Frances' dead corn rows in the foreground. Regardless, wrap it up...it's a take.

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