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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So is it Spell or Spel?

Qtel (Qatar Telecom) rolled out a huge marketing scheme a couple of weeks back regarding their Nojoom rewards program. Keep in mind that Qtel is a huge conglomerate in Doha, which includes the operation of mobile phones, landlines, and the television cable systems in the country. It's common on this side of the world to use the "British" spellings for words such as theatre, centre, and others that escape me at the moment. So, when I saw the word "Enrol" prominently displayed on Qtel's banners that are dispersed throughout the city's malls, I had to do a double take. It's very common in this country to see misspellings everywhere, but how can a company this big make such an error. Surely, the Brits don't spell enroll with one "l". Alas, the joke is on me, as I just Googled the supposed word "enrol".

No way! This post has gone to the dogs. Are you kidding me? Enrol is interchangeable with enroll? What does dictionary.com know? I'll check Webster, after all he is the authority on spelling.

I really am learning this as I type. Who would have thunk it? Maybe everyone on this side of the world, but I know this isn't the norm in America. I mean, "enrol" is even popping up in red on my post meaning it is spelled incorrectly. After discussing this subject with you this morning, I was supposed go off into a rant about the horrible misspellings in the Doha newspapers. After this find, I might have to do more research on that. Live and learn.

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  1. Living in Al Khor is just like living in Doha....without the tall buildings....without the greenery....w/o shopping....w/o restaurants....w/o Starbucks, or any other coffee shop....and why is it that Qatar, not far from man's first discovery of the coffee bean, does not understand that a coffee pot is necessary for brewing coffee and that Nescafe is NOT coffee?

    Sorry for the rant. We love it here, but are ready for vacation, can only stand this laugh riot for so long before you need to leave and re-load your sanity. It is so funny living here I am surprised that they don't charge an admission fee at the airport.

    We are from Montana and seem to share many of your values...and I, too, stand corrected on the British spelling of "enrol." I noticed it right way, and yesterday, when we took the KGs (we teach at Qatar Academy Al Khor) to Villagio's Jungle Zone, I pointed out the QTel billboard to one of our British teachers, who told me that's how they spell it. When will the Brits learn to write/spell English properly? They are beyond help!

    And, please, no Mr!

  2. Al Khor's that nice, huh? Truthfully, my first reaction when you said you lived there was, "who the heck lives in Al Khor?!". I decided to tone it down a notch and rephrase my question. Sounds like you concur with my thoughts :D Yes, I, too, have been unfortunate enough to have a waitress proudly serve me Nescafe disguised as coffee. It's so nice to know I'm not alone. Oh, and I'm still befuddled by this "enrol" word.Give me a break!

  3. Seems to me that, long ago, the Brits "stole the letter "u" from "Qatar" and then stuck it unnecessarily in words like "colour." Surprised it didn't create an international incident. Anyway, bed time, we have to be at school at the un-Allah-ly hour of 06:30. Have a good time in New York, and please do me the favour (there's that needless "u" again) by booing the Yankees. Love the city, hate the Yanks.


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