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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Did I Say Debauchery?

Ok, no more crying over spilled milk, well unless you paid QR5 for it! Enough, I'll pull myself up by the boot straps (or would that be sandal straps in Qatar?) and forge on. Oh, what to ramble about today. Hmm...I thought that the Wall Street Journal's Saudi/Bahrain article on the top left sidebar was quite interesting...Saudis flocking to Bahrain, the Middle East's answer to Nevada's "Sin City". Long story short, the Saudis are crossing over to Bahrain to indulge in booze and to maintain the world's oldest profession, keeping it alive and stimulated. Hmm. You see, these things are forbidden in the Kingdom. It's a multimillion dollar gig for Bahrain, but it looks as though it may be one that they would rather live without. I really live in a bubble over here. I mean I've heard of such things, but this article makes it sound like it's happening in epidemic proportions. If you follow the Swine Flu in these parts, you would think people are way more worried about that than their wicked debauchery. I haven't figured out yet who is putting these people on their pedestal, me or themselves? I just know that the longer I'm here, the more I realize, they are no different than anyone else. Same trials, tribulations, and temptations as everyone else. Westerners aren't the only ones with that market cornered. The irony is that doesn't Saudi Arabia house Mecca, the holiest city of Islam? Are these the same people that are crossing the causeway to fulfill their hidden desires? I'm just saying, don't act holier than thou if you are not. No finger pointing. We are all sinners. Let us not pretend to be what we are not. It will all catch up in the end.

Whoa! I'll step down from the pulpit, now. Where did that diatribe come from? That stupid article. One last thought, it was in the media. Who knows how true it really is. I'll go back to my bubble now and pretend that all is good everywhere.

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  1. Having lived in Saudi and done the causeway on a wed night to escape for a weekend, I can tell you that yes, Saudis are some of the heaviest traffic across to Bahrain for the weekend. Not only that, but more often than not, the worst offenders at the bar, or should that be sliding down the bar, oh and as for 'ladies of the night' lol, don't know but with a wild guess I'd say it's spot on


  2. Aaaay...you weren't supposed to confirm my suspicions! Lol, my bubble suits me fine :D Thanks for dropping in!

  3. ok some corrections here from a Muslimah, you see those people are what we call bad Muslims and yes they are sinning and the drinking of alcohool and prostitution are totally forbidden in Islam as I am sure you know it by now. See those people are weak and non-practising Muslims they just have Muslim names and are born into Muslim homes, but they are corrupted and under Sharia would be seriously punished. Now YES there is still a difference between US and YOU and YES we are holier simply because we follow the command of ALLAH, pray, fast, don't drink, don't fornicate, don't expose our bodies and are modest, don't eat forbidden things such as pork etc....so yes they are bad people giving us a bad name but as ALLAH stated in the Qu'ran he has placed us and preferred us above all nations......

  4. Thanks for your input, Mushlimah. I hope you didn't miss my main point. I was trying to suggest that people of all religions have temptations. Because you are "of" a religion, whether it be Christian, Muslim, or whatever, does not mean that you are free of temptations or sin. It is the faithful practice of that religion that counts. There are Christians in name only, and as you suggest there are Muslims in name only, too. The bottom line is that we are ALL sinners on both sides. YOU may be holier than others, but how can you say that unless you know what is in their minds or hearts? I will leave that judgment for God and may he have mercy on all of our souls. Mine and yours, as well. May His peace be with you.


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