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Monday, June 22, 2009

Not Your Ordinary Barbie

I didn't realize my blog was going to turn into such a learning experience. While walking through City Centre Mall this weekend, a small showcase of dolls grabbed my attention. These weren't the usual Bratz or Barbie dolls that I'm accustomed to seeing. These were dolls of Muslim men, women, and children. I thought to myself how unflattering the features were...huge lips, flat puffy noses, and half lidded eyes. The very next day, David and I were walking through Al Rawnaq, a place we endearingly dub "the junk store" and I spotted these same characters on gift bags. Who are these people and where have I been? So, today as I uploaded the picture above that I snapped, I saw that there was writing at the top above the dolls...duh. I plugged the word "Freej" in and voila, the mystery was solved. Apparently I've been missing out on this Dubai based, soap opera of sorts, starring four animated grannies that solve their problems over a cup of coffee. I've found video of the show, though it's not dubbed in English, I'll share it just the same. I'm afraid my lack of Arabic is making me miss out on the fun that these ladies are having. I must find an English subtitled version. Now, if any of you in the states, can't live a moment longer without one of these dolls, just let me know and I'll pick one up for you before I fly out in two weeks, three days, and twenty three hours. But, who's counting?

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  1. Sybil, love your blog and Twitter, we live in Al Khor and laugh are your stuff, cause we experience the same. For more on your amazing baseball catch, go here: http://www.snopes.com/photos/advertisements/ballgirl.asp

  2. Aaaay, my bad, Jack! I'm the person who never forwards emails until I've passed them through Snopes. Unlike the ball girl, I dropped the ball on that one! Thanks for dropping in. By the way, how is it living in Al Khor?


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