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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kayla Get(s) a Life

I've been elected to map out my soon to graduate daughter's life. Offspring #3 will walk across the stage on May 8th to receive her diploma in Sociology. "Sociology?", you say, "What can she do with that?!". That's the million dollar question. It encompasses a broad field, and isn't one of those ready made degrees that you walk from the stage to the office, such as engineering, nursing, teaching, etc. Who said life is easy? Kayla has suggested to me that she would love to come to Qatar to work. Part of me wants to say, "Are you crazy? Not no, but heck no!" and part says, "What a great experience and opportunity that would be". I love it, but do I want my 22 year old little girl to be standing on her own in this country. What if our project ends and David and I move on? What then? Let go, I suppose.

Kayla's dream job: A personal assistant :D
Kayla's realistic job: Something that requires her uncanny ability to organize and energize people.

Let's see what I found in Qatar's morning newspapers...

She is female, but I'm not so sure about what purely Western means. How pure is pure? Oh well, she's too young for the job even though she does have superior communication skills. Trust me, as her mom, I can also vouch for her negotiation finesse and the pleasing personality part goes without saying. There, I said it.

Here we go, no doubt she would be foreign in this country...who's not? The only caveat, she's not an accountant.

Hmm, do I really want to put her in this position? Poor Ms Botheju is living and working in Doha and can't even go on vacation without asking the locals for permission? Scary, really scary. Maybe we need to rethink this.

Hold the press, I've found Plan B. Instead of finding Kayla a job, maybe I'll just find her a husband. I see a matrimonial ad in her future. Let me know your qualifiers, K.

ads from Gulf Times ~ Doha, Qatar

I'm Coming Out ~ Diana Ross

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  1. hahaha you always find your way to make me laugh or smile. or even say this lady is so crazy (no offense).

    I think your daughter could find a good opportunity here. Well, let's see:

    1- she will be with her parents.

    2- lots of job opportunities for westerns specially.

    3- Qatar Foundation are establishing loads of great projects and i believe your daughter will find her way in there :)

    4- Safe country

    5- lovely weather (except summer)

    6- Qatar in the middle of the world so it's easy to reach EAST and WEST :)

    hummmm i think i can go for more and more

  2. Naz, you make some really good points, but I dunno, I'm really liking that matrimonial ad idea ;)

  3. you know my vote is for kayla to stay in the u.s. of course that was my vote for you and david...and no one listens to me. ha. your girls are both so brave and awesome. i wonder where they get that from? and i just don't get ms. botheju's ad...i mean...is she leaving for good? and she has an id number...da what? lori h.

  4. Lori, I'm shocked of your attitude :) Poor Ms Botheju is only vacationing. If she were leaving the country for good the ad would be like this .Yes, dearie, we are assigned numbers and it is quite the process to get one.

  5. Lori,

    I would love to stay in the US and be Jan's personal assistant... but that might put you out of a job. But if she needs two, I'll send her my resume pronto :) I can start in MAY!!!


  6. kayla...bring it on. i would love to have a side kick...or I CAN BE YOUR SIDE KICK! jan may need some fresh and young peeps up in here! i am certain you would run circles around me. Early Congrats to you. You should be soooo very proud of yourself. I know you will be a success no matter where you end up! Your future is BRIGHT! lori h.


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