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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ya Talkin' to Me?

As I was walking last night to the tunes of The Guess Who, I couldn't help but laugh to myself when "American Woman" came on. I felt like the people in this country were speaking directly to me through my iPod..."American woman, stay away from me, American woman, mamma let me be!". A few old posts came to mind where I'm sure such jibberings were going through their heads. Ok, so jibbering must not be a word because it has a big red wavy line on my end saying, "BONK, try again!". Sorry spell check, I like it, so it stays. Anyway, here are a few from the archives that might confirm that these sentiments were justified.

Two Big Little Words

A post about me hollering across Lulu's deli counter at a local woman to say "Thank you". Really, Sybil??

Hurry Up and Wait

This post is about going to the driver's license place over a two day span and then the nerve of the lady at the vision testing center telling me to come back the next day so that she could remedy their computer problem. Uh, homey don't think so. I might be a petite 5 footer, but I ain't a pushover. To put it mildly, I unleashed.

Another Lost Freedom

Just me being a rebel. Don't tell me what I can't do!

There was yet, another post (couldn't find, I have too many!) about the day the local guy hit the shopping cart that I was attached to in Landmark's parking lot. He obviously didn't want to be bothered with slowing down in his turn. He got out, checked his car for damage, then looked at me and said, "Ees goooood". Are you kidding me? I looked him in the eye and shook my finger in his face and said, "Ees not goooooood. You need to slow down!". Ok, so rumor has it that if I did that today, I'd be arrested. I'm trying really hard to refrain. Sort of.

American Woman ~ The Guess Who

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  1. Lori Humphrey3/31/10, 7:51 PM

    hee hee...My favorite is when you told that lady to say Thank You! When I was reading that for the first time...I thought to myself...oh no she didn't! Sybil did! You are a true blue American Woman...rock on! lori h.


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