Our five year adventure in Doha, Qatar ended June 1, 2012, but the memories will always remain. It's back to Texas where I have decided...Qatar isn't cornering the market on "quirky", as I once believed. Thanks for opening my eyes to the world, Doha!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Last night, I received an unexpected phone call from my runaway friend, Karen. She and Ed were sitting at the Doha airport awaiting their 1:30 a.m. flight back to Houston. They had just finished a two week adventure in Jordan and Egypt, before connecting in Doha only to sit at the airport for a few hours awaiting their final destination, America. Of course, their trip was wonderful with Petra, The Pyramids, and an awesome view of sparkling Jerusalem by night from Mount Nebo. Karen said her only regret was that they didn't bite the bullet and go over the border to visit the holy city. Well, actually one more regret was that she was offered tea by one of the many Bedouins along the way, and she hesitantly, but graciously accepted. Her stomach wasn't the same the remainder of her trip, which fortunately for her was nearing the end. After hanging up with Karen, my suspicions were confirmed. Our friendship will supersede Doha. Hearing details about her trip, her inquisitiveness about mine, and tidbits of community news I had to offer her made me realize that our friendship will indeed sustain over the oceans. I'm really blessed to add her to the list of "keepers" that have walked through my life. Yeah, she's definitely a keeper.

P.S. Can you believer I went an entire post without saying, "Austria"?? Oops! I had one and only one song in my mind that I wanted to find for this post. I couldn't find it, but I did find the Youtube for it, which was even better. So without any further adieu, pause any errant music playing in the posts, click on play, and take a walk down memory lane.

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  1. The feeling is mutual. It was great talking with you and catching up on all the news. Sounds like you two had an awesome trip to Austria. Just what the doctor ordered....if you catch my drift!
    Love ya


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