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Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Luck of the Draw

My weekly conversation with David on Saturday nights for the last three months after subscribing to the Qatar Tribune and entering their lucky draw promotion for chances to win mobile phones, laptops, lcd tv's, cars, and cash goes as follows:

"Tomorrow's the day dear. I'll get my call after the 6:00pm drawing!"

Conversation with David on Sunday nights, 9:00pm for the last three months:

"That's ok, they're holding out on me, waiting for the grand prize draw on February 22, before they pull my number."

Last night:

"Tomorrow's the last draw! A Chevy Lumina with my name on it, or perhaps the grand prize of 7500QR monthly for a year. Hmmm, that would be nice."

Today at noon:

Ring, Ring...Ring, Ring. "Sybil? It's your next door neighbor. Are you sitting down? I just got a call from the Qatar Tribune and I won a car!!!!"

Here's the kicker. Margaret and Jim subscribed to the Tribune yesterday! I've been in the draw for three months, them for one day. They've been in this country for three weeks! All whining aside, CONGRATS, YOU LUCKY CANADIANS! EH?

I had tea with Margaret last week and labeled her a princess. I may have to change that to "Lady Luck".

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  1. Our "real luck" is living next to you, Sybil and Dave!! Jim & Marg


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