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Monday, February 16, 2009

Welfare Cats

I got some hate mail this morning from one of my number one fans. It seems my Aunt Marge was disappointed that my song for the day yesterday wasn't "Mathilda", in honor of my mom and dad's anniversary. Maybe a lapse on my part or maybe it didn't quite go with the formula one cars buzzing around the track. So, I'll see if I can make it blend with today's offerings.

Today we're going to talk about those who mooch and those who are truly in need. This could even relate to the unemployment system in the U.S. where a lot of those receiving the money it doles out, don't really want to work. They wouldn't take a job, if you handed it to them. Why would they when hard working Americans keep throwing their tax money to the government to support these freeloaders. I do realize some people need help and some people expect help. There is a difference, which brings me to the gist of this ranting.

Cats. Freeloading cats. We ran out of cat food for all those poor starving homeless cats in the neighborhood and had to purchase dog food for that was all to be found in the stores I visited. No problem, they'll be happy to fill their bellies. Au contraire. The little ingrateful, mooching, freeloading snots turned their noses up and went foraging elsewhere when they saw the lunch special. I mean these cats were screaming for food before we dished up the dog food that they sniffed at and then rebuffed. They didn't want chopped liver, they wanted prime rib. That's when I looked at David and started calling them welfare cats.

Well David couldn't stand it and asked me everyday if I bought cat food. Are you crazy? They're all hanging out elsewhere, isn't it great? As of yesterday, our welfare line has been reestablished, compliments of David purchasing the goodies that they prefer. He was devastated that the cats were seeking their sustenance elsewhere. You see, he has a special hankering for "momma cat" that has yet to deliver her litter of kittens. So, as Reverend Wright has been quoted as saying, "The chickens have now come home to roost" and it didn't take them long.

So, now you're wondering how I could incorporate Mathilda into this. Well, it's easy. That's David singing to Mathilda, aka momma cat, but not to worry Mathilda is back, again.


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  1. Thanks Syb. Didn't know I HAD to click in one of the circles at the bottom. Now that you've let everyone know how dumb I am I'll sign my name.

    Aunt Marge

    Thanks for the song too.

  2. Sorry that you were the fall guy on that one! You were not alone, trust me. I'm waiting for Bill & Joan to jump in now. No excuses now with the step by step instructions. And many thanks for reading this rag to mom every night!

  3. Are you kidding me? They wouldn't eat the dog food? That is crazy! Will have to try that with ours and see what they do!


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