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Monday, February 9, 2009

Walkin' at 7:00 AM ?!

I got an email this morning that went something like this:

We are walking mornings at 7 AM. Anyone wanting to join us meet at my villa .
PS. Hope I have remembered everyone in Riviera, if not please pass this along.

Actually, it went exactly like that. Cut and paste, what an invention. Note that first of all, I read the email at 7:40am after forcing myself to get out of bed. Second of all, even if I had been up, I would have to invest in an IV stand to hang my caffeine drip on. Functioning at 7:00am is not in my repertoire. Now, if you called me for coffee or breakfast, then we'd be talking. As Mr. Paul Harvey would say, "now, for the rest of the story", as here was my reply to Peg:

You are such a sweetie for organizing this much needed activity, Peggy. But since I have trouble wobbling down my stairs before that time, I doubt that I would be able to walk at that time. That's so sad : . When my happy ass becomes a little more spry, I will most definitely take on the adventure. Though, as I sip my coffee at 7:30 or so, I will definitely be rooting you and yours on! Feel free to pop in for water, coffee, sodas, or fruit on your route, ladies...but ONLY if my front door is open! You go, girls!

Lazily yours,


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  1. There is a group of ladies in my subdivision that also walk at 7 a.m. every morning. Needless to say, I have never seen them! lol


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