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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Whatever You Do
Don't Spit!

I went and had my fingers and toes done today to relax my mind so that maybe I could get in a creative mode. It was pretty much doing the trick until I received my little "ticky" with the price on it. QR 226! Holy cow batman, I usually pay about QR 150, I think? It doesn't matter what I usually pay. It only matters what I "think" I usually pay. Anyway, I was so mad I could spit. Oh no, don't do that. That would cost me another QR500 according to yesterday's paper. Yes, yet another edict put into action. It is now illegal to spit in Qatar. Never mind the fact that you see little kids popping their heads out of sun roofs, cars passing on roads with two way traffic, making your own lane, or throwing trash out the window which does not evaporate like spit, by the way. I'm okay with the "no spitting" law because it is a pretty disgusting habit, but seriously folks, let's get our priorities straight and tackle the bigger fish first. I went out today in search of the no spitting sign so that you could see it firsthand. That's it on the left. Sorry it's not better, but when you have a Land Cruiser behind you flashing his brights you tend to get out of his way. Ok, I'll step down off of my soapbox and try to recapture any remains that I can from my pamper Syb day. Ommmmm. Later.

P.S. David will die when he sees my toes put out there for the world. He gives me a hard time about my ugly feet :(

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  1. the problem is there are laws for all of these things ! kids sticking their "bodies" outside the car, littering..

    but there is no one to enforce them.

    We have The Ministry of environment now, but i'm not sure if they're the one responsible for this new law. do you know who's responsible ?

    i guess the responsibility will get lost between the bureaucracies in the country ! it's the other department's job, as usual.

  2. Here in the states it is still against the law to spit on sidewalks and in Great Britain it is a crime, including spitting out your gum. Spitting on someone is considered battery, as in "assualt and battery". By the way, you might want to get that bunion removed on your foot!

  3. LOL...how's that Lucy? Believe it or not, Kayla has the same feet. Poor thing!

  4. Dennis had his removed and he says his feet feel so much better in shoes. They certainly look better also! Like I have room to talk about feet, you'll never see a pic of mine, I have a hammer toe that bothers me!


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