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Monday, February 2, 2009

Not in the Cards for Arizona

Super Bowl XLIII is history now. Pittsburgh refused Arizona the opportunity to gain some much needed limelight. It was the Cardinals' first Super Bowl in franchise history and the Steelers didn't care. I got up at 5:20am this morning to catch the remainder of the game with only ten minutes left on the clock. Not being a fan of either team, I opted for the underdogs. The Cardinals nearly pulled it out, but it just wasn't in the stars for them. When the game ended, I sat here with my laptop and watched the over hyped commercials that ESPN didn't air during the game. While you were catching the commercials first hand, we were getting old super bowl highlights. After viewing about fifteen commercials without even smiling, I pulled the plug on them. I don't know if it's just me and my adaptation to Doha humor or that the commercials totally lacked this year. A lot of them seemed to have potential, but for me, none got off the ground. So, another year, another super bowl...whoopee.

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  1. We watched it "live" and you are right . . . the commercials were not up to par. Seem to be getting more and more unfunny each year.


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